About us

CreWorld® is an original idea of PlayPlan Cultural and is supported by independent collaborators linked to event management, music and communication.

After our participation as agents of the music industry in different national and international professional fairs and seeing the success of our own digital experiences, set up for debate and the union of the sector, we are considering a new way of holding this type of event.

That is why the CreWorld® team wanted to look to the future and bet on innovation, creating a virtual event that goes beyond webinars and that really puts the sector in touch in a world without borders – with the incentive of having organized a sustainable event in the social, environmental and economic sense.

Despite the health crisis there is still a need to connect, reflect and communicate. Furthermore, it has been proven that sharing physical space is not indispensable.

About PlayPlan

PlayPlan is a dynamic and passionate agency. Our mission is to create original experiences where audiences, brands and projects connect and interact in physical, digital or virtual environments, whether they are festivals, concerts, fairs, gastronomic events…

Our main services: customised projects, consultancy, creativity, marketing and communication, artist recruitment, management, record label, technology for events, audiovisual content, material and infrastructure for events.

We have more than 18 years of experience with a team that covers the different professional areas of the entertainment sector.

City councils, foundations, cultural associations, private promoters and final consumers complete the heterogeneous profile of our clients and the solutions we offer.