Music Fest Meeting is an initiative that aims to create a framework for collaboration and to act as a loudspeaker for the live music sector

The second edition of the Music Fest Meeting will take place from the 14th to the 17th of December. This is a digital meeting of CREWORLD (a virtual community for musical leisure) that will feature the views of some of the main players in the festival sector, which in its first edition exceeded 25,000 views. This initiative, which is promoted by PlayPlan and IDASFEST and will be broadcast live on Youtube and Facebook Live, aims to highlight the value of the live music industry, be a speaker, join forces and create synergies in difficult times. It will also feature the participation of agents from the international scene.

The virtual event, which organises daily round tables between 11:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., will deal with issues such as post-COVID launches and tours or formulas for reviving live music, for which it will feature highly visible faces from national and international music, environmental aspects, the red alert movements or the situation of concert halls, as well as two specific round tables dedicated to the figure of the festival promoter.

The digital meeting has already been confirmed by more than thirty festivals and professionals from the sector: Sonorama Ribera, Mad Cool, BIME Pro, Sansan Festival, Coliseum de A Coruña, Río Babel, Atlantic Fest, WiZink Center, Sala Sol, Cooltural Fest, APORFEST, Festival Sinsal, SONDE3 Producciones, Tesgal, EXIB, Dreambeach, Woo Media, SonRias Baixas, Esmerarte, Tomavistas… Through the official website of the event ( you can access the programme and register completely free of charge. The meeting is aimed at all types of professionals in the live music sector, as well as students or anyone interested in the industry.

Jordi Lauren, CEO of PlayPlan, says: “the first edition marked a milestone in terms of participation and results. Now the time has come to rebuild the sector and get artists back on stage as soon as possible, and to do this it is essential that the sector works as a team”. For his part, Joaquín Costa, CEO of IDASFEST, points out that “after the success of the first edition of the Music Fest Meeting, it was clear to us that, together, we had built a very profitable space in which to join forces. vThat is why we want to put an end to this terrible year for the sector by organising a second edition in which we will consolidate synergies and gain momentum to rebuild”.